Our Services

24 hour supervision including a live-in House Mother, Morning community group 6 days a week, 12-Step Study, Big Book Study followed by Accountability group, Educational & Vocational support, Relapse Prevention.

Our Mission

Mountainside serves to assist women while they actively seek a spiritual quality of life. Our nurturing and loving environment increases self-esteem and a sense of community. The women come to trust and care for each other in their recovery. Utilizing a cognitive and behavioral approach, we assist the women to identify how they need to change in order for lifelong recovery, peace and success.

Our Schedule

A carefully designed schedule provides the opportunity to devote time, care and attention to "Self". This is an important shift of focus for many women and necessary for ongoing recovery.

Our Home

Mountainside Estate for Women is tucked away in a rural community overlooking the Pocono Mountains in northern Pennsylvania. Our home is designed to stimulate positive personal growth through alcohol-free and drug-free living. The home itself features several amenities that provide a comfortable living environment for residents during their stay, including a spacious kitchen and fitness facility.

After more than 20 years in existence, Mountainside Estate is lucky to have an asset many other facilities don’t: our alumni. We have a wonderful community of women who continue to give tremendous support to our current residents. Many of these women remain in the nearby area & are anywhere from one to 20 years into their recovery. We are lucky they continue to volunteer their time & share their resources with women who are new to the program, through sponsorship, networking & support as they integrate into the recovery community. Mountainside Estate residents are also lucky to benefit from the enormous community of young people involved in the local 12-step fellowship.


  • 24-hour supervision including a House Mother who lives at Mountainside Estate for Women

  • All meals included

  • On-site fitness facility

  • Transportation to and from all 12-Step meetings

  • Transportation to and from work if needed. Cars are permitted after residents secure a job.


  • Community Group six mornings per week

  • 12-Step Program Study

  • Big Book Study

  • Weekly yoga at a local studio

  • Two hours of Art Therapy each week

  • Focus Group/Activity

  • Life Skills Coaching

  • Educations and vocational support

  • Relapse prevention

  • Referrals to specialized consultants and therapists

  • Recreational activites

  • Cooking and domestic coaching

  • Family coaching and support, as needed

The Staff

The staff at Mountainside Estate for Women consists of alumni and other individuals in recovery who have maintained total abstinence. Considered “angels” by the clients who come through our doors and their families, they dedicate a large part of their lives to helping chemically dependent women find a better way of life.

Our staff seeks to coach each individual through the 12-Step Program, allowing them to gain insight into their behavior as it relates to their addiction. In turn, our clients develop a sense of trust and confidence in them as they realize the staff identify with their struggles firsthand.

Angela M. Albano CAC, CASAC, ICADC

Angela Albano is a certified addictions counselor with state and international credentials. She was trained and employed as Primary Therapist at the Caron Foundation’s Adolescent Unit in 1992. Following her experience in a traditional 30-day treatment facility, Angela saw there was a need for an affordable program tailored to women. She knew such a program would need to offer structure, nurturing and a family-like atmosphere.

Thus, Angela went on to found Mountainside Estate for Women in 1995. She believes in creating an open environment for the women in the house, where continuous counseling & coaching is always available.

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